Love Among the Ruins
“A memorable novel; sharply observed and keenly felt.” –Los Angeles Times

“Clark has written a deeply felt portrait of private human feeling.” –The Washington Post Book World

“Mesmerizing and heartbreaking. . . . Clark uses fiction in its highest and best sense, to explore questions that haunt the human heart.”–The Seattle Times

“Shockingly humane, decent, kindly. Yet it’s not soft-minded. And it absolutely works. . . . Clark holds you spellbound with his wickedly clean-hearted tragedy.” –The Baltimore Sun

“It would be difficult in so limited a space to impart a full sense of the beauty and concealed sophistication of Love Among the Ruins. …It is modest, simple, beautiful, and horribly, vitally sad. In this it resembles life, which must be lived to be fully appreciated, just as this novel must be read to be similarly appreciated. Love Among the Ruins reminds us of the grandeur of small lives and smaller moments, their sometimes terrible ramifications, and how minor fiction can indeed be great.”—Tom Bissell

“This is a novel that deftly traces an enduring fissure in American family life and culture.”— Patricia Hampl

“Wonderful….so beautifully constructed that it’s breathtaking.”— Charles Baxter

“Clark is a master of intimacy, and the moral complexities of life.”—Pico Iyer

“Clark manages to avoid all ’60s age-of-innocence nostalgia by exploring the emotional terrain of first love without sentimentality.”—Entertainment Weekly