Mr. White’s Confession
Edgar Award Winner for Best Novel and Winner of the PNBA Best Fiction Book of the Year
As thrilling as it is unnerving . . . Could have been written by Dashiell Hammett or James Crumley–at their best.”–Greil Marcus, Esquire

“A pulsing tale of redemption and original goodness.”–Pico Iyer, Time

“Strong, brooding . . . Clark’s most striking achievement is Herbert’s ambiguity, making it appear at once vulnerable and threatening.”–Dan Cryer, Newsday

“A novel of substance . . . reveals the subtlety of [Robert Clark’s] artistry and the profundity of his vision.” –Merle Rubin, The Wall Street Journal

“The long ruminations of Mr. White . . . give the book its intensity and mystery.” –The New Yorker