River of the West
“Dazzling . . . Clark involves himself with those whose hearts, souls and legends are linked inexorably with the great river’s course through time.”—The Oregonian “A glorious history . . . makes the Columbia come alive on the page as surely as the river itself flows through our lives.”—James Welch “The best sort of historical storytelling—vivid, well-said, and meaningful, an important, genuine pleasure. Robert Clark deserves nothing but praise and thanks for the gift of this book.”—William Kittredge “I began [reading] and had no interest in stopping. River of the West is a wonderful and durable book with a dense richness of storytelling fabric.” —Jim Harrison, author of Dalva and Legends of the Fall “…a sad, haunting retelling… Clark has woven together a poignant series of narratives about the people who believed in the myth (and some who didn’t) and about the disillusionment and tragedy that awaited them and those who got in their way.” — The Los Angeles Times Sunday Book Review, Frank Clifford